A Culture of Quality

For years, the federal government has issued mandates in an effort to improve care quality and reduce costs. While some believe these mandates are incrementally moving healthcare in the right direction, many physicians feel otherwise. In fact, only 15% of surveyed physicians agree that value-based compensation is likely to improve quality of care and reduce costs, as reported in the 2018 Survey of America’s Physicians report by The Physicians Foundation and Merritt Hawkins.

Source: 2018 Survey of America’s Physicians
The Physicians Foundation and Merritt Hawkins

The Doctor Knows Best

Quality patient care cannot be achieved if the physician’s hands are tied – whether that’s by EHRs or bureaucracy. Physicians must be empowered to make the decisions that are best for their patients and their practices. Quality outcomes are achieved when physicians are the ones to determine how much time they spend with each patient, which medical supplies are stocked on their practices’ shelves, and how their clinical staffs are trained and utilized.

To ensure quality care remains the core focus, QualDerm-affiliated practices are organized into independent state entities, each with their own Joint Operating Committee. Additionally, QualDerm’s physician-led Quality Council was established to help further advance the clinical excellence of QualDerm’s affiliated practices. This Council advises QualDerm leadership of leading-edge clinical practices and strategies to be considered for adoption and facilitates the development of industry best-practices based on internal and external data comparisons.

Keeping Good Company

Physicians are protective of the professional reputations they’ve worked hard to build. Cutting corners on care quality is something high-caliber physicians, rightly so, refuse to do. From the start, QualDerm has selectively partnered with physicians who share our commitment to patient-centric care. In fact, many of our affiliated physicians cite QualDerm’s dedication to quality and physician autonomy as the reason they chose to partner.

What’s more, QualDerm’s network allows physicians to collaborate on difficult cases as well as on the issues that are impacting the dermatology specialty. Mentorship opportunities are also available for newer physicians. These types of professional relationships encourage physicians to hold one another – and the entire QualDerm organization –  to the highest standards.

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