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John Albertini, MD
The Skin Surgery Center

Why did you choose to partner?

Within the current healthcare environment, it is difficult for an independent practice to grow. Our vision was to bring together top-tier practices under one company umbrella. There are 2 necessities for this type of growth: cash and M&A expertise. We knew we needed a partner to help us achieve our goals.

Why did you partner with QualDerm?

QualDerm understood who we are and what we wanted to be. We wanted a partnership, not to give up complete control. We wanted to have decision making ability. We wanted a partner that was interested in our opinions and gave us the ability to lead our growth.

The whole company represents high-quality dermatology in a partnership model. It’s not just about selling out and making a buck. It’s about working together and addressing future challenges in a quality way. QualDerm’s management team is very strong and gave us a great deal of confidence that they would do what they said. And they have universally delivered.

How have your practice management responsibilities changed since partnering?

There are a million things I don’t have to worry about now. QualDerm handles things like employee benefits, financial reporting, regulatory compliance, and staff issues. They also greatly improved our IT infrastructure. The QualDerm partnership helped our practice reach its higher potential.

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John Zitelli, MD
Zitelli & Brodland, PC

Why did you choose to partner?

The biggest reason was that I saw the future of medicine changing. Reimbursement was declining and competition was increasing in our area due to the purchase of my own referral base by private equity firms, a university and another healthcare organization. They were bringing in more dermatologists and Mohs surgeons. I felt even though we had the best name in area, we would likely get fewer referrals. Also, I wanted relief from the administrative burdens of running a practice.

Why did you partner with QualDerm?

We spoke with 2-3 PE firms that contacted us, we didn’t contact them. Their model was to basically take over. We wouldn’t maintain autonomy. The other models were not ones of quality, but ones of profit. QualDerm’s model is physician autonomy and quality over profit. The culture of quality and physician leadership was central to our decision to partner with QualDerm. We’re passionate about the care we provide and QualDerm’s commitment to patient-centric care perfectly aligned with our practice’s mission.

How has the partnership transition been for your staff?

We wanted to make sure our employees were taken care of; that no one went backwards with compensation or benefits. The people on board have been pleased and happy. Staff satisfaction is a high priority with QualDerm.

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Joey Price, MD
Cumberland Skin Surgery and Dermatology

Why did you choose to partner?

As our practice grew, more and more time was required to manage the business operations. We wanted to invest our time caring for patients rather than dealing with practice management issues. We also wanted help expanding services and to better position our practice to navigate changes within the healthcare industry.

Why did you partner with QualDerm?

At Cumberland Skin Surgery and Dermatology, our patients come first. Affiliating with QualDerm allows us to focus on patient care while their team handles the details of practice management. I have confidence in QualDerm’s business leadership and appreciate that they leave the clinical decisions to me.

What are the career benefits of joining the QualDerm network?

Partnering with QualDerm gives me the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded dermatologists. It’s exciting to work together to build a broader network that increases patients’ access to quality dermatological care.

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Ron Siegle, MD
Center for Surgical Dermatology & Dermatology Associates

Why did you choose to partner?

At first, we had no desire to partner. Then, I had conversations with two friends who had practices similar to ours. Both had recently chosen to partner with larger organizations and urged me to consider doing the same. This, coupled with the fact that the dermatology industry was rapidly changing, prompted me to investigate the various options. My partners and I didn’t make the decision to partner lightly and did much due diligence before unanimously agreeing to affiliate with QualDerm.

Why did you partner with QualDerm?

We wanted to keep control over our careers and our practices as the business aspects of dermatology continued to change. For years, we had envisioned building a strong network of reputable dermatologists across the state. QualDerm has had remarkable success helping its affiliated practices meet that goal.

Would you make the same decision today?

Yes. QualDerm has provided all that was promised and even more. They have respect for us as healthcare providers and keep quality as the core focus of everything they do. Under QualDerm’s model, we are true partners, not just employed physicians. We retain our clinical autonomy as well as control over how much medicine we practice. QualDerm relies on physician leadership to help guide corporate policies and growth to ensure patients’ care comes first.

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David Greeson, MD
Dermatology of Athens

Why did you choose to partner?

In the current medical environment, it is difficult for a small practice to negotiate with insurance providers. I wanted to grow the practice and needed assistance and guidance to do that. Plus, the timing was right with the valuation of practices.

Why did you partner with QualDerm?

QualDerm gave us a unique opportunity to grow the practice without changing the practice culture. I knew about QualDerm’s success in other markets and was impressed with the quality and accessibility of its leadership. They don’t come in and tell you what you’re doing wrong; they give guidance on how to make things better. We still put patients first and profits second. QualDerm gives me the best of both worlds. I can grow the practice and maintain equity while still being involved in the higher-level decision making.

What are the benefits of being part of a larger network?

As part of a larger organization, you have an advocate for your practice – whether for negotiating payor contracts or pushing back against government regulations.

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“As I finished my fellowship and prepared to commence my Mohs surgery career, QualDerm greatly facilitated my transition, addressing many of the obstacles that come with starting one’s practice. By teaming up with QualDerm, I’ve was able to focus on my education, knowing that once I started, I could hit the ground running.”

Evan Stiegel, MD, The Skin Surgery Center

“Partnering with QualDerm has given me the freedom and autonomy to practice as I would like while having the security and support of an experienced dermatology management team. QualDerm has never told me how, when, or how much dermatology I need to practice.”

Angela Casey, MD, Center for Surgical Dermatology & Dermatology Associates

“QualDerm is unique in its focus on the partnership aspect in its relationships with physician practices. We have felt completely supported in our resolve to protect and enhance our clinical operations. Witnessing the expertise now being deployed within our practice is both refreshing and comforting.”

Barry Leshin, MD, The Skin Surgery Center

“The QualDerm-affiliated physicians are of the highest caliber. Since joining with QualDerm, I’ve been able to regularly collaborate with exceptional surgeons and dermatologists to enhance patient care and advance my practice of dermatology.”

Christopher Urban, MD, Carolina Mountain Dermatology

“QualDerm has been very supportive and responds to all our requests. For example, their on-site training during our EHR implementation was priceless. They work to address any problems and help us improve our practice.”

David Corbett, DO, Wilson Dermatology

“As we considered a partnership, QualDerm seemed to be the antithesis of a stereotypical private equity  situation. QualDerm’s focus is more on physician leadership and we were pleased with their emphasis on quality.”

David Brodland, MD, Zitelli & Brodland, PC

“QualDerm doesn’t want to take over your practice – they want to make good practices better. They really listen and provide the support for physicians to succeed.”

Dan Pearce, MD, The Skin Surgery Center

“QualDerm has significantly lessened our administrative duties and helped recruit staff. I’m no longer frustrated with these burdens. Yet, I still have independence in terms of the practice of medicine.”

Peter Seline, MD, Center for Surgical Dermatology & Dermatology Associates

“I frequently communicate with the QualDerm team about how to grow and improve my practice. They are very receptive to my ideas. It’s been a terrific partnership.”

Gerardo Marrazzo, MD, Hickory Dermatology

“After years of building my practice, it was important to me that my patients continue to have access to high-quality dermatology care. Partnering with QualDerm allows me to retire with the confidence that my practice and my patients are in good hands. QualDerm does what is right and best for the practice — they do not prioritize profit over patients. I am proud to be affiliated with this organization.”

Charles Reed, MD, Reed Dermatology

“With QualDerm, the lines of communication are always open. They encourage their partners to give input. Up and down QualDerm’s chain of command, there is a desire to have quality practices. They recognize this is not just a business, they recognize there needs to be quality.”

Richard Salomon, MD, Hickory Dermatology