Recruitment: Quality Matters

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the U.S. will face a significant physician shortage by 2030 – up to 100,000 more physicians will be needed to meet patient demand. The dermatology world is already facing a deficit. While the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) estimates approximately 22,000 dermatologists are currently needed, a 2015 AAMC census found that only 11,064 dermatologists were actively caring for patients.

Sources: AAD & AAMC

The Recruitment Challenge

Board-certified dermatologists are trained to diagnose and treat thousands of conditions. There is no substitute for this level of expertise. As the imbalance of supply and demand grows, recruiting high-caliber physicians becomes an even greater challenge. To further complicate this issue, the number of residency programs available is not keeping pace with the volume of graduates leaving medical school.  As an example, one dermatology practice tried for years to recruit additional dermatologists to their rural location. It was only after that practice affiliated with QualDerm that it was able to identify and hire two highly-qualified physicians.

QualDerm’s dedication to quality extends to the recruitment process. We believe that the additional training required to become Board-certified is invaluable, therefore, we hire physicians who have attained this distinction. In fact, at each of our 17 affiliated practice locations, every dermatologist is Board-certified.

The Training Process

In an effort to meet patient demand, many practices have started to lean more heavily on non-physician providers (NPPs). Utilizing physician assistants and nurse practitioners can help expand patient access to care. However, maintaining the highest standards of care is critical. The key to doing that is careful supervision and training.

Together with our physician partners, QualDerm developed and instituted strict guidelines for the supervision and training of NPPs. Providing quality patient care is the guiding principle for our NPP standards. Each of our 17 practice locations has a Board-certified dermatologist on staff. Clinical autonomy, as well as the decision as to when the NPPs are ready to see patients, remains in the hands of those physicians.

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