Technology as a Physician Recruitment Tool

In a recent issue of Dermatology World, the cover story focused on recruiting and retaining millennial physicians. While how to attract that generation’s best and brightest is a hot topic in many industries, it is especially important in dermatology as the gap between the supply and demand for care widens.

There is no denying that we need millennial physicians to fill the workforce void being left by retiring Baby Boomer dermatologists. And, as the Dermatology World article points out, a practice’s technology, or lack thereof, can be the make-it-or-break-it factor when a young physician is entertaining various career options.

Necessary Evil vs. Must Have

Ironically, older physicians have cited the increased computerization of practicing medicine as a top reason for career burnout.  Perhaps it’s because these physicians have felt the heavy burden of EHR costs and implementation hassles. Conversely, the millennial generation does not know a world without technology. Therefore, it only makes sense that they expect their workplace to be well-equipped.

Despite the opinions of some veteran physicians, most medical practices have integrated EHRs. In fact, in 2018, 70% of practices had an EHR in place, according to a SK&A and IQVIA survey of almost 300,000 medical offices.

Source: SK & A and IQVIA
Physician Office Usage of Electronic Health Records Software (2018)

Beyond the Basics

Simply having an EHR may not be enough to satisfy the tech-savvy younger generation of physicians. EHRs must serve a purpose beyond meeting a government mandate to avoid fines; for example, they should improve workflows, boost or, at least, maintain efficiency, and supply real-time data analytics.

However, for that to happen, most EHRs must be tailored to the practice’s needs and the entire staff well trained on how to use the system. To ensure each of its practice locations have the capability to fully utilize their EHR systems, QualDerm’s in-house IT department provides training and on-going tech support. Further, the IT team has integrated dermatology-specific features into the systems and developed proprietary data reports that physicians use to improve efficiency. One such report allows physicians to easily review open patient charts, which has led to charts being closed by an average of 25% more quickly.

QualDerm’s dedication to enhancing its affiliated practices’ technology benefits its established physician partners as well as helps attract high-caliber younger physicians to join the practices.

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