The Growing Importance of the Patient Experience

A Focus on Service Helps Practices Preserve Patient Loyalty and Attract New Patients

Healthcare is a service industry and patient expectations of their providers have changed. The patient experience has taken on a larger role in how patients judge their overall quality of care. Find out how QualDerm’s Service Excellence initiative fosters a culture of service by:

  • Establishing a physician-led committee to guide,¬†implement and provide ongoing support for the service-focused program.
  • Promoting service standards that align with the QualDerm Pillars of the Patient/Teammate Experience.
  • Encouraging and empowering all staff members to provide outstanding service and to professionally manage issues as they arise.

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36% of patients say they have left a healthcare provider in the past two years – 8 of 10 did so because of poor in-person experience and/or lack of access and communication.