The True Partnership Model: Working Toward a Common Goal for Mutual Success

The True PartnershipSM Model: Working Toward a Common Goal for Mutual Success

Recently OSHA released an updated Covid-19 Healthcare Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) which   mandates safety protocols to be enacted in medical facilities. Non-hospital affiliated medical practices are exempt from many of the standards that hospitals must follow. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) issued a recommendation that dermatology practices should follow the portions of the ETS which are relevant to their practice settings, such as screening all patients and visitors for Covid symptoms.

The recent emergence of the delta variant, coupled with stagnating vaccination rates, have dampened expectations that normalcy will return anytime soon. As the virus mutates and safety guidelines change yet again, many dermatology practices find themselves in a constant state of flux.

Evidence-Based Decisions

The amount of information about Covid and the speed with which it changes can be overwhelming. Sixteen months ago at the beginning of the pandemic, QualDerm made the decision to dedicate the time and resources necessary to research the vast amount of Covid information. This endeavor was led by the Chief Medical Officer and the Quality Council, and continues today.

The physician-led findings were used to develop the initial Covid safety protocols for QualDerm’s affiliated practices. Then, the QualDerm leadership team worked closely with each affiliated practice to implement the protocols in a manner that was consistent with local mandates. QualDerm also helped train the practices’ staffs on the new protocols and communicated the safety procedures to patients.

The network’s safety protocols are regularly reviewed and adapted to meet the most up-to-date standards. In fact, QualDerm’s protocols are often updated ahead government agencies’ recommendations. For example, QualDerm affiliated practices were meeting the requirements of the abovementioned Covid ETA several months before the OSHA announcement. This proactive approach helps reassure both patients and staff members that their health and safety are the top priority as decisions are made regarding practice operations.

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Source: 2020-2021 QualDerm Network-wide Patient Surveys (7,200+ responses)

Ongoing Teamwork

The pandemic has put massive pressure on both the clinical and business aspects of medical practices. While many practices have struggled or even permanently closed, QualDerm-affiliated practices successfully navigated the crisis, and the organization is on track to grow this year. In fact, by the third quarter of 2020, patient volume across the QualDerm network was at 95% of pre-Covid levels. This is a testament to the benefit of physicians working together with patient-centric practice management professionals.

In the past, practice management burdens such as IT, HR and government mandates were difficult and took physicians’ time away from patients. However, over the last year and a half, the ability to manage those burdens well became the key to survival. QualDerm helped its affiliated practices solve the unthinkable problem of surviving a pandemic – from the early stages of forced closures and furloughs to the current stage of vaccinating staff and rebuilding patient volume.

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