Quality and Expertise

Quality is Measured by Outcomes

Roughly a decade ago, author Malcom Gladwell declared in his best-selling book Outliers, that to become an expert, one must spend 10,000 hours dedicated to their craft. Numerous counter theories have since emerged. Simply clocking hours does not guarantee expertise. Rather, it comes from deliberate learning and practice. In other words, quality, not quantity, is a greater indicator of success.

Doing Things the Right Way

Many dermatologists are seeking ways to alleviate the burdens of practice management. Implementing electronic health records, staying compliant with unfunded government mandates, payor negotiations and a myriad of other duties, pull physicians away from patients and force them to spend more time at the office. This work/life imbalance is leading many physicians to experience career burnout.

Yet, many dermatologists, who have spent years building their practices, are hesitant to turn over their practice management responsibilities. These physicians don’t just want the tasks done, they want the job done right.

Source: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services


The Partner of Choice

As dermatologists consider potential practice management partners, quality is typically a major factor in their decisions.  In healthcare, quality is measured by outcomes. The quality of a practice management company can be judged in much the same way.

Since our founding, QualDerm’s vision has been to be the partner of choice for premier, patient-centric dermatology practices. We understand that to attract the highest-caliber physician partners, quality must be our core focus. Our dedication to physician leadership and clinical autonomy ensures patient care is of the highest quality. In fact, QualDerm-affiliated practices earned a 93% positive rating for patient safety tracking on the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality 2018 Survey, while the national average for this metric was 87%.

QualDerm’s dedication to quality extends to every aspect of practice management. Throughout the organization, our business professionals have a combination of departmental expertise and experience in the specialty of dermatology. For example, we have recruited numerous dermatologists and Mohs surgeons from some of the country’s top training programs to work at practices throughout our network.  QualDerm’s IT team worked with our affiliated practices to successfully meet the MACRA requirements. In fact, our practices in North Carolina and Ohio scored the highest possible MIPS score of 100% for our 2017 clinical performance, earning the maximum reimbursement bonus. The IT team also provides in-house IT support, fielding approximately 400 help desk calls per week from our affiliated practices. Further, our operations leaders have negotiated more favorable reimbursement rates with payors and helped our affiliated practices expand their services and geographical reach to increase patient access to care.

Learn more about how QualDerm’s dedication to quality can help you alleviate practice management burdens and position your practice for long-term success.

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