Fellowship Program Helps Enhance Quality of Care

Find out how QualDerm-affiliated practice Zitelli & Brodland’s Mohs Fellowship Program Helps enhance quality of care throughout the QualDerm network and helps advance the specialty of dermatology:

  • The Zitelli & Brodland Training Center has been operating for 37 years. To date, 49 Mohs surgeons have completed the program.
  • Fellows-in-Training personally perform at least 1,000 Mohs cases through the Zitelli & Brodland Fellowship Program.
  • Zitelli & Brodland, P.C. performs at least 6,000 Mohs cases each year, giving Fellows-in Training exposure to a wide variety of cases.

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“The Fellowship program keeps us as providers on top of new medical knowledge and stimulates us to be innovators and leaders rather than followers.”

John Zitelli, MD, FAAD, FACMS