Technology’s Increasing Role in Practice Management

Patient Expectations, Need for Efficiency are Driving the Push for Automation

Technology’s reach within modern day dermatology practices extends well beyond electronic health records. As everyday life becomes increasingly automated, patients expect the same convenience from their healthcare providers.

Partnering with QualDerm gives affiliated practices access to:

  • A dedicated, experienced IT department to manage all elements of the practice’s technology (EHRs, phones, computer, printers, websites, automated patient communications, and more)
  • In-house IT Help Desk and onsite training
  • Pro-active maintenance and security for IT systems

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“QualDerm doesn’t force specific technologies on our affiliated practices. We work with each practice to determine their needs. Sometimes that means upgrading a current system or integrating a new one. QualDerm understands that each affiliated practice is unique, so we help them utilize the tools that are the best fit for them.”  

Josh Metzger, QualDerm’s Vice President of IT and Security