Trust is Essential for a True Partnership

Trust is Essential for a True Partnership

Trust may be intangible, however, research by Harvard Business Review found that the level of trust between employees and leadership is a key factor to an organization’s success. In fact, in organizations where trust levels are high, 74% of staff say they are less stressed, 76% are more engaged and 50% are more productive when compared to their peers at less trusted businesses. Organizations that have a higher level of trust tend to be more successful.

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Delivering on Promises

Physicians value trust. In fact, trust is often cited as a leading reason to partner – or not to partner – with a practice management organization.

Since the early days of QualDerm’s inception, we’ve continuously surveyed our physician partners to ensure that we are fulfilling our vision, “To be the partner of choice for premier, patient-centric dermatology practices.” Those surveys have shown consistent sentiments. For example, our affiliated physicians say, “Since partnering, QualDerm did everything they promised and more.” and “It gives me peace of mind knowing that QualDerm is taking care of the practice management duties and that things will be done right.”

QualDerm’s reputation as a trustworthy organization has given us the opportunity to grow by selectively partnering with respected dermatologists and Mohs surgeons. As the QualDerm network expands, our reputation also helps us recruit and retain top-caliber physicians and staff who share our values.

Transparency and Communication

Lack of transparency and poor communication can lead to distrust as well as a drop in organizational morale. Further, the Joint Commission reported in February that these issues were a major contributor to medical staff burnout.

QualDerm’s commitment to transparency and communication is a key element in our True Partnership model. Physicians hold leadership positions throughout our organization, such as on the board of directors and regional Joint Operating Committees. Therefore, they are aware of, and have a voice in, the decisions that affect their practices. This dedication to transparency and communication extends throughout all levels of the organization. QualDerm’s leadership team has an open-door policy and holds Town Hall meetings to share information and facilitate employee engagement.

During the pandemic, organizational transparency and communication became more important than ever. QualDerm’s leadership team worked closely with each practice to manage the early stages of the pandemic, including furloughs and state-required office closures. The team later worked to ensure each practice was able to safely provide care for their patients while adhering to local mandates. Additionally, QualDerm’s Chief Medical Officer has provided regular company-wide communications highlighting the most up-to-date, evidence-based covid and vaccination research since the beginning of the pandemic. Currently, these communications are sent at least bi-monthly. These efforts helped QualDerm’s affiliated practices successfully navigate the pandemic, with current patient volumes trending toward pre-pandemic levels across the network.

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