Principled Partners

Principled Partnership: Quality and Integrity Matter

According to research by social psychologist David McClelland, PhD, who taught and conducted research at Harvard University for 30 years, 95% of your success or failure in life is determined by the people with whom you habitually associate. The same is true in business. Standards of quality and integrity are upheld to the level with which everyone in the organization conducts themselves.

John Albertini, MD, a long-time QualDerm-affiliated physician who is the company’s Chief Medical Officer and has served as chairman of the QualDerm Quality Council, expands upon this notion. “As a physician, all you have to hang your hat on is your reputation. Who you choose to work with matters because their behavior will reflect on you.”

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Extraordinary Quality

Past success is an indicator of future success. QualDerm’s leadership team and investors together have more than 200 years of healthcare experience. Network-wide, our affiliated physicians have an average of 16 years’ experience.

While a long tenure doesn’t automatically equate to success, it is a factor. Experience allows for a better understanding of what is needed to be successful and how to make it happen. In healthcare, success is measured in outcomes, and better outcomes are achieved through a higher quality of care.

QualDerm was founded on and continuously fosters a culture of quality. Our network has grown by selectively partnering with physicians who share our commitment to quality. We believe that physician autonomy is critical to quality care. Therefore, we leave the day-to-day clinical decisions to those who are most qualified to make them – the physicians. We also look to our physician partners to help guide our organization’s policies and strategies. Physician partners serve on our board of directors and on each regional Joint Operating Committee. Further, 10 of the 12 members of the QualDerm Quality Council are physicians, who are the only members with voting privileges.  Staying true to our commitment to quality has allowed QualDerm and our affiliated practices to grow and thrive, even during the challenge of the pandemic. Today, we are well positioned to continue to expand our network of high-caliber practices and physicians.


Exceptional Integrity

One of QualDerm’s core values is Exceptional Integrity: “We are authentic and credible. We approach those we serve and each other with humility and honesty. We are transparent, reliable and dependable.”

This is not an empty promise. We hold ourselves and one another to this standard every day. Many of our well-respected affiliated physicians point to integrity as the reason they chose to partner with us. In fact, many of our partnership discussions are initiated through recommendations prospective partners receive from colleagues they know and respect.

While integrity can be hard to quantify, at the practice level patient feedback provides a telling picture. In a network-wide survey of patients, 97% said they believe our affiliated practices’ teams care about their health and safety.

Continuously seeking ways to enhance patient care is another sign of our affiliated physicians’ professional integrity. As an example, numerous QualDerm-affiliated Mohs surgeons voluntarily chose to sit for the first ever subspecialty Board Certification exam in Mohs surgery, which required months of preparation. It is a mark of excellence that 100% of QualDerm-affiliated Mohs surgeons are fellowship trained and/or Board Certified in Mohs surgery.

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